Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Should People Read On The Toilet?

A thought crossed my mind the other day about the power of the mind and how it affects the body's functions.

I think i came up with a method of decreasing stress for a minute or two.

This is more information than any reader really needs to know but in my larger extended family there are a few people with irritable bowl syndrome some of whom have issues on occasion with ailments such as constipation.

One of my cousins was telling me about how her boyfriend has epilepsy and quite often has fits while on the toilet. She put extra effort into making the toilet safe but one day he had collapsed and she wasn't able to open the door to help him.

Later when talking to another person with epilepsy she mentioned this and the lady said she would have fits on the toilet too. When my cousin asked her why it was so, she was told that it was because he would have been straining too hard.

As the toilets where he worked were in poor condition he would sometimes hold on all day to wait till he got home and he would be in such a hurry that he would fit.

The sole purpose of the digestive system is to injest and excret foods and wastes from the body. With all the toxins of junk foods in our diets these days there are some baddies who mimic hormones in the body causing other reactions to take place? If someone doesn't go to the toilet when they need to then some of these harmful toxins can be reabsorbed into the body to further harm critical levels.

Add this to the effort of pushing out a days worth of waste and it's no wonder why the brain overloads causing epileptic fits and worse. When i was a kid riding to school on the school bus i remember being fascinated at the older classes discussing the theory of internal combustion and why it happens, I believe it to be caused from the effort of excretion.

Pardon the Pun but it really doesn't have to be that hard!

The mind really does act in mysterious ways, it can separate itself completely from the body leaving the rest to go about it's natural urges. By putting you motor neurons to work with recognising, processing and storing then recessing information while on the dunny seat you will switch off the worry of what’s happening down below.

Try getting a poem or song, write it down or print it out in big clear letters. Take on the challenge of learning it off my heart and reading it back to yourself without looking at the print. because your energy is focused purely on reading and remembering the text your entire body will relax and you will be left with a quick and effortless skip to the loo! Providing of course that you eat normal foods :)

I don't think this is a new though but it may account for the way in which people decorate their bathrooms with interesting thoughtful poetry and jokes, it all helps to distract the sitter from their woes.

So i recommend you do like the big fancy hotels and cafes do and jazz up the interiors of your toilets so people can live a healthier happier toxin free, fit free, peaceful existence.

Oh and if you suffer with poor quality standards of loos at work, just take the time to lay a mountain of toilet paper on the seat before you sit down. The employer will complain about the amount of toilet paper being used and will update the toilets until you can use them lol!

Which Direction Does The Water Drain Down On The Equator?

Today a newspaper article was talking about the different ways water drains in each hemisphere.

It got me thinking about two things...

Which way does the water drain from exactly on the equator? and

If you look directly down onto the South Pole from space wouldn't you actually be looking directly up at the South Pole?

I guess it's all a matter of perspective. There are no ups, down, insides or outsides in space really, if we were flying around outer space we wouldn't know if some strange planet was north or south before we invaded it would we, perhaps we could look at the way storms circulate to determine which way is North.

As for the water draining from the equator i found this site which explains it for me lol

check it out if you are interested :)